Parents & Friends Association

St Sebastian’s is most fortunate to have an extremely supportive and involved Association.  The P&F Association holds an AGM once a year and has general meetings on a set day of each month.  All parents and friends of St Sebastian’s are welcome, and indeed encouraged, to attend these meetings.  The time and agenda is published in advance of each meeting.

The Association facilitates much of the social aspect of school life, which offers support and friendship to all families involved in our school.   The school needs every family to become fully involved in as many aspects of school life as possible. All parents are encouraged to be involved in at least one activity during the year.

The aims of the P&F Association are primarily directed to the advancement and development of the learning opportunities available to our children.  The goal is achieved through support of the school budget with financial assistance which allows for continued upgrading of the physical school environment as per the master plan and for other special purposes as guided by the principal.

Fundraising is, of course, a necessary component of the P&F’s activities to contribute financial support to the school.  As you will no doubt be aware, the school P&F is a voluntary committee and we rely on invaluable assistance from all parents of the school.  Please remember this fact when asked to volunteer your time for any activities (working bees, functions, etc.).  The social calendar for the school year is always well publicised.  Your support of these functions will be greatly appreciated.

The P&F relies on good fund-raising ideas, see list of Events here​, so if you have some, please advise a committee member or come to one of our meetings.

The other main function of the P&F is to promote and foster social interaction between families and encourage a sense of community spirit, both in the school and parish. We hope to utilise the school environment for such occasions.

Visit the Parent Portal then follow the links to the P&F to access and view all P&F documents and information.

St Sebastian's Business Directory

The St Sebastian's Business Directory serves to showcase and support the businesses that have supported us through the donation of time, money or products and services throughout the year.
The purpose of this directory is to:
  • Provide families (and other website visitors) with the contact details of those in our community who provide a particular service,
  • Provide families with an opportunity to advertise their business,
  • Support the school’s P&F development fund through fees received from advertisers.
Further details regarding advertising may be obtained by contacting the school office.

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All logos used with written permission​