Physical Education


In recent years, the staff has continued to review the sports program that is offered to the children at the school.  The focus has been on developing a program which best caters for a variety of skills in a wide range of sports.    These skills ideally are transferable i.e. the ability to hit, run, kick, catch, throw and swim, can be used across a number of sports. The costs involved in the school’s sports programs are covered by the school levy. 


In recent years, the children from Prep to Year 6 have participated in a swimming program offered in the first and fourth terms.  The main focus of the swimming lessons is water safety and survival and the teaching of the basic strokes, with stroke correction the emphasis in the higher classes.

The lessons are conducted at St Ita's Primary School pool ​under the supervision of qualified coaches.  All costs related to the school swimming program are covered by the school levy. The children travel to and from in a seat belted bus.