Preparatory Year

​Prep is provided on a full-time non-compulsory basis, with children having turned five by June 30 of their Prep Year - click here for more information on age eligibility. Please find below answers to some frequently asked questions. 
1. What will be the Prep hours?
Prep hours are the same as our school hours: 8.35am – 3.00pm
2. Will my child be supervised before school?
There is a teacher on duty from 8.20am. Children arriving prior to this must go to Outside School Hours Care (OSHC)
3. Can my Prep child go to Outside School Hours Care?
Before and after school care and vacation care are available on the school grounds to all students.
4. What will the school fees be for Prep?
5. Will the children be required to wear the school uniform?
Prep children wear the same school uniform as the rest of the school. 
6. Is Prep compulsory?
The Prep Year is not compulsory.  However, it is anticipated that the majority of children will enrol in a preparatory year. It is expected that children in the preparatory year will attend full time to obtain maximum benefit from the program. It is best to consult with the school if you wish to vary your child’s attendance.
For more detailed information, please visit Education Queensland
7.  What will my child learn in Prep?

Your child will be participating in a learning program based on the Foundation Level of the Australian Curriculum.  In the early years, children learn through a play-based inquiry approach to learning where they actively construct knowledge of their world around them. Contexts for learning include focused learning and teaching, play, real-life experiences, investigations and routines and transitions.

8. Are there designated toilets for Prep?  

The Prep students have designated toilets.
9. Will the Prep have a separate playground and separate play times from the rest of the school?
The Prep students have their own designated play equipment within the school play area. They will be transitioned into playing with older children during the year.
10. Will the children at Prep have access to specialist lesson?
Students in Prep participate in Music, Japanese and Physical Education lesson with a specialist teacher.
11. Where do parents park when dropping the children at prep?
Parents may park in any of the surrounding streets and walk the children into school. Parents cannot park and leave their car in the drop-off/pick-up zone in Rome St North. There is no off street parking available at our school.
12. Will the prep children be able to access Tuckshop?
13. What are the procedures if my child needs to have medication at School?
A Student Medication Request Form is completed by the parent/carer and provided to the school.   See here for more information. more....
14. Will there be a sleep/ rest time for the children at prep?
There will be a quiet time after lunch allowing children to rest/ read quietly. This may diminish during the year.
15. What are the procedures for the first couple of days to settle the children?
Parents are encouraged to bring their children into the prep, meet the teachers and staff, get the children involved in an activity and leave when the child is settled happily.
16.  Will there be an orientation to school for my child?
A parent information evening is held in early November where information is shared about the school.  In late November a prep information morning is held where your child will meet their teacher and fellow students, whilst the parents enjoy a morning tea.
17. Will there be a Parent Information Evening early in the year?
All of our classes have a Parent Information Night to discuss plans for the year. This is not an individual parent/teacher interview rather information sharing.  Parent/Teacher interviews are generally held towards the end of Term 1.​