Our Theme for 2024

​2024 - DREAM, DARE, ACHIEVE    

The inspirational picture book “Maybe: A story of endless potential” by Kobi Yamada has been the catalyst for our school theme for 2024. This book encourages the reader to imagine and discover their potential, who they are now and the possibilities for the future.

As we progress through the year, we will encourage our students to

DREAM: What are the possibilities for making a difference in our world; in our local community, in our school and parish community, in our families and in our classrooms and the playground?

DARE: Do I – dare to have a go, dare to try my best, dare to work hard, dare to try something new, dare to fail, dare to make a difference?

ACHIEVE- How have my actions affected my achievements, my sense of self-satisfaction, myself worth, my confidence as a learner?

Our theme offers so many opportunities to provide a focus for our opportunities to grow as members of our Catholic Christian community and through the use of our Active Learner Dispositions. I am excited to see where our theme takes us this year!​