​Each year the staffing of St Sebastian’s is determined by the school’s enrolment.  The allocation of full-time teachers and support staff  is allocated by Brisbane Catholic Education, in accordance to a prescribed staffing schedule.

To contact teachers, please email, attention: the particular teacher e.g. Peter Jones

​Principal ​Kerry Weber
APRE Angela Moore
​Primary Learning Leader ​Prue Durre
​Classroom Teaching Staff
​Prep Grevillea Solange Lucas
​Prep Wattle ​Jake Barnes
​1 Blue Gum Kerrie-Anne Dickson
​1/2 Acacia
David Mead
​2 Callistemon Therese Tarrant
3 Boronia ​Maryanne Healy
​3/4 Olearia Marie Flynn
4 Lilly Pilly Colleen Stringer
​5/6 Banksia Prue Durre & Angela Moore
5/​6 Waratah Lesley Mann
​Specialist Support Staff
​Support Teacher - Inclusive Education (STIE) ​Jacqulin Brusasco
​Guidance Counsellor ​Michaela Nothard
​Teacher Librarian ​Helen Gardiner
​Japanese Kaz Miki
English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) ​Erica Humphreys
​Physical Education Clare McSweeney
​Music ​Gabrielle Mitchell
​Band/Instrumental ​Ken Lincoln
​Chess ​Barbara Ryan
​School Officers & Ancillary Staff

​Classroom Teacher Aides



​Rae South
Seva Georgas
Sandra Roser
Sylvia Papantoniou
Alie Adlowj


​Jenny de Booy
Janet Cashin

​Finance ​Cherrie Cowan
​Crossing Supervisors ​Maarten Wijnberg
​Groundsperson Peter Harris
​Tuckshop Convenor ​Kathryn Rhodes
​Uniform Coordinator Martha Pearce