Frequently Asked Questions

Absence:  If your child is absent from school, a note explaining this absence is required to be given to the class teacher upon their return.  Parents are asked to ring the school as well, especially if the absence is to be for a few days. 

Behaviour Management:   Click here

Bicycles/Scooters:  Children are encouraged to ride bikes and scooters to and from school. Many children live a close distance from school.  If your child rides a bike or scooter to school, then the bike is to be walked into the school grounds and parked in the bike rack adjacent to the Byrne Resource Centre.  When departing school, the children must walk their bike or scooter to the footpath and then commence riding safely home.

Dance Fever:  For one term all children participate in Ballroom dancing lessons through an organised program called Dance Fever.  The lessons teach children the skills and social interaction of ballroom dancing.

Extra-Curricular Music:   click here

Homework:   We expect parents to support the staff in supervising their children’s homework.  Children who do not complete the compulsory elements of the homework grid will be required to complete those elements at school.  Homework is designed to encourage the children to be independent for their learning/study skills; to be meaningful; to engage children and parents in their child’s learning.  It is not designed to cause stress for parents or children.  If homework causes stress for either child or parent, then it should be discussed with the child’s teacher.

Lost Property:  Please make every effort to keep all your child’s clothing and belongings clearly named. Named items are returned to the owner.  No collection of Lost Property is kept at St Sebastian’s.  Unmarked/unclaimed items are given to the second-hand clothing pool or St Vincent de Paul at the discretion of the principal.

Outside Schools Hours Care (3848 2500):  click here

Procedures for disputes and complaints resolution: (Grievances):  click here

Road Safety:  Parents are requested to observe road safety rules when dropping off or picking up their   children and it is imperative that you adhere to the rules associated with the two-minute drop-off / pick-up zone in Rome St North.  A crossing supervisor ensures safe crossing of children in Kadumba St and a teacher supervises the safe crossing of Rome St North after school.