​Families who enrol children at St Sebastian’s are expected to support the school by having the children wear the compulsory uniform.

The Uniform Shop is run by the P & F Association and managed by one of the parents. It is situated in the hall under the church.  A minimum amount of stock will be kept on site with bulk orders being done during the year. Only socks and shoes cannot be purchased through our shop.

The Uniform Shop is open on the first two Friday's of each Term from 8.30 – 9.30am. Outside of these times, orders can be ordered using the Qkr! App and they will be filled and sent your student in the classroom to take home. 

All uniforms orders are to be placed via the Qkr! app and will be delivered to your child in class if ordered when uniform shop not open.

School Uniform

There is no regular set day for all the children to wear the formal/dress uniform.  Sports uniforms are to be worn on the days the child’s class has PE or sports/games.  Formal uniform will be worn for school excursions unless otherwise specified.  The school uniform consists of:

Boys Formal Uniform
Blue check shirt, ‘Stubbies loose fit’ navy blue shorts, fold over white socks (NOT ANKLE SOCKS), black shoes​

Girl's Formal Uniform
Blue check dress, fold over white socks
black shoes OR
Blue shirt, navy blue skort or short,
fold over white socks and black shoes.

Girls Sport Uniform:
Navy blue skort, polo shirt, 
fold over white socks (NOT ANKLE socks) 
and black shoes.

Boys Sport Uniform:

Polo shirt, navy blue ‘Stubbies loose fit’ shorts, 
fold over white socks (NOT ANKLE socks), 
black shoes

ONLY ONE pair of black shoes is necessary

Sports shoes may be brought to school and worn for Physical Education lessons.


Hair Accessories
White/blue, Navy/blue accessories are permissible. 

Winter - Boys and Girls

Red knitted school jumper with logo.

‘Stubbies Loose Fit’ Navy blue long pants.

Girls may wear navy tights.

No COLOURED long sleeved shirts are
to be worn.



A selection of suitable hats with the school logo are available at school. It is important that you select the style of hat you believe will best meet your needs and your child will wear. The school enforces the “NO HAT NO PLAY” rule.

Bags and Homework Satchels:

School Bags and homework satchels are available from the Uniform Shop and must have the school logo.


Only students with pierced ears may wear a gold or silver stud or sleeper earring.

Inter and Intra School Sports Days:

The children can wear a red or yellow or green house t- shirt and socks. Houses are allocated on enrolment. 
Sports joggers may be worn for special events otherwise black school shoes must be worn.
If there is a particular reason for your child to be out of uniform, then we would appreciate a note explaining the reason to your child’s teacher.