Welcome to our 2024 Prep Students

It was with great excitement that we welcomed our 2024 Prep students to Saint Sebastian’s last week. This year, we have trialled a slightly different model, with any students who had displayed an interest in attending Saint Sebastian’s being invited to our “Come and Play” sessions from early in the year. These two sessions, combined with our three other transition sessions, have given the students a wonderful opportunity to settle in to our community and this will hopefully ease their transition to school.

So far this year our new prep students have had a chance to

  • come to play with others in the group
  • read stories in the library
  • participate in a literacy activity session
  • participate in a range of maths and fine motor activities
  • spend time in the classroom with their teacher for next year.

This year we have provided children with the “Chatting Children” resource, which involves students taking home some wonderful stories, with guided questions, discussion points and activities for parents and caregivers to use with their children. The hope is that through reading with children, parents will further develop their child’s love of learning and reading and will also further develop their child’s oral language ability through discussion.