Out and About in our Classrooms

​I must admit, I have been a little overwhelmed by the level of administrative tasks requiring completion over the past few weeks! Luckily, only a few steps outside of my office I can find my place to rest, refocus and renew my energy and enthusiasm for my work. I am always amazed at the energy which the buzz of students working and learning in the classroom provides.

Prep Acacia students were busily undertaking their literacy blocks when I went on my learning walks and talks. Students were reading their decodable readers, getting very excited as they made meaning from the text! Other students were writing and were so proud of their achievements.

2 Boronia students were integrating their digital literacy skills with their mathematics learning. They had prepared questions to research, gathered their data, recorded their data in a table and represented their data on bar or pictures graphs, using Freeform, Whiteboard and Keynote (all Apple Native Apps). They then saved their work to their own OneDrive! They were so excited to communicate their findings to me. The mathematical literacy evident through discussions was impressive. When asking one student a question which I thought would trick them up, the response was, “Well that’s obvious- the answer is three”. Such confidence! You could see the Active Learner dispositions in action!

Leadership groups in 5/6 Waratah saw me working with the Communication Group. It was this group's first meeting, so we looked at Media Arts. The students were learning about digital images and the types of visual shots needed to best communicate a message. Communication, collaboration and creativity abounded as they developed a story piece involving Mrs Mann and a not-so-lucky cockroach. All this happened as our other student leaders were busy researching and planning for Socktober, preparing Monday prayer and planning environmental activities for the rest of the term.

Working with the teachers and students at our school is such a blessing. I can’t wait to get to some other classes next week. Your children are in excellent hands each day and if ever you are in need of an energy boost, I’d highly recommend a visit to the classroom!


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