Theme for 2022

Each year the St Sebastian’s School community promotes a school theme. This year, our theme is “With Gratitude, Our Hearts and Minds Sing”. Through examining a range of literature across the year we aim to fill our students’ hearts with hope to enable them to flourish as individuals in their attitude and learning.

Our theme came to fruition through a staff professional development day, focussing on the Wisdom of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. This day was led by Elizabeth Fort, our Education Officer Religious Education. Through reflection in scripture, prayer and reflective activities, the theme emerged from our work. A focus upon gratitude has been proven to enhance an individual’s well-being. As a Catholic Christian community, our core values, exhibited in our motto “Faith, Love and Knowledge” encourage an attitude of gratitude. These values are core to the teachings of Jesus Christ who espoused gratitude in all that he did. Through examining the work of DeWitt Jones, we hope to “Celebrate what is right with the world”. (Ted X talk) A chance to reflect and to focus upon the good things comes through learning to view things with a range of perspectives. This can only enhance our students’ ability to ask questions, focus upon a range of solutions and enhance their learning.