School Volunteers

It is now a legislative requirement that all volunteers undergo student protection training.  In order to facilitate this, Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE) has developed an online course, please click here to complete the course.  We ask that all volunteers at our school (including parents) complete this online course each year.  The Volunteer and Other Personnel Registration Form should be completed at the end of the course and forwarded to the school.  

Linked below are the following documents for your convenience:  Student Protection Handbook for Volunteers, Student Protection Information for Families, Volunteer Code of Conduct, and the Volunteer and Other Personnel Registration Form.

Volunteer Code of Conduct Jan 2015.pdfVolunteer Code of Conduct Jan 2015.pdf

Volunteer Student Protection Handbook Jan 2015.pdfVolunteer Student Protection Handbook Jan 2015.pdf

Student Protection Information for Families.pdfStudent Protection Information for Families.pdf

Other personnel and volunteers who are not Volunteer Parents of a child attending our school, who would like more information on the blue card (noted on the Volunteer and Other Personnel Registration Form), please visit the following website: