School Theme

Each year our school takes a piece of literature to base our yearly theme around.  In 2016 Linda Krantz’s “Only One You” was chosen.

Linda Krantz, the author of ‘Only One You’ describes the story as one about a deep love that is shared between parents and their child which emphasises the importance of sharing wisdom across generations.  We can apply this to us as well, the love shared between teacher and student. 

As parents and teachers, our hope is that our words will be embraced and stored away until they are needed.   This colourful story is a springboard that allows families, teachers and students to talk about memories and life lessons with each other. There is certainly nothing more enjoyable then the sharing of a special story with your students or child.

As adults, we get tangled up in our busy, everyday schedules, and we need to be reminded that we should be making time for ourselves, our own families and our school families. We should be enjoying life each and every day.