Year 5 & 6 Camp

The Year 5/6 camp was held at Camp Goodenough, Bilambil. Our students, as always, shone!

From the moment they arrived, the students showed courtesy and respect towards the camp staff, their teachers and each other. Together they worked to complete a variety of team challenges, those which required brain effort and others which were definitely physical in nature. Whilst some students worked to overcome hurdles when faced with emotions that they had not experienced before, it was heartening to see the way that they were encouraged and supported by all other students in their group.

It is always enlightening to see students in an environment different to that of the classroom. The staff at Camp Goodenough are thoroughly professional in their approach to all areas of camp life. Not only did they ensure that our students were skilled with the safety requirements of the camp and assisted to complete the physical nature of the activities, their teachings were transferred to the dining room, where students were reminded of correct dining etiquette.

The children are a credit to you, their families. They are examples of the results that occur when families and schools work together for the benefit of our children.