Vinnies Christmas Appeal

This year St Fabian’s Conference of St Vincent de Paul would again appreciate help from St Sebastian’s students by making up 2 shopping bags of food for each of 20 households.
The households will be single males, mostly on disability pensions with a couple on NewStart. They do not have family to go to at Christmas time or to exchange presents with, so drawing them a greeting card from the students of St Sebastian’s Yeronga would be very special to them. Below is the list of the sorts of things to go into the shopping bags.

Category 1:
Small Pkt of weetbix/vitabrits/cornflakes/ or 500 g meusli; and 
Plus Pkt 1 litre Long life milk

Category 2:
  • 2 x foil Sachets of powdered pasta sauce base or dry cooking sauce base eg Maggi/Continental and
  • 1x plain Pasta (500g) or rice (1kg)
Category 3:
Tin of tuna or salmon (about 400 – 500 g) or 4 x John West Tempters 
Or tin of ham or turkey breast,

Category 4:
  • 1x Tin of mixed veges (e.g. peas, carrots, corn, beans Or pkt of dehydrated mixed veges;
  • Tin of beetroot or Tin of Pineapple rings
Category 5:
A plum pudding or Christmas cake or a pack of Fruit Mince pies or a pancake mix
(Please check expiry date is beyond 25/01/20) In previous years ALDI has had more interesting and less expensive Christmas type puddings/ shortbreads/gingerbreads than the other supermarket chains, but this could have changed in the past 12 months.
  • Tin of apricots or tin of peaches and Pkt of jelly crystals Or a 4 pack of fruit set in Jelly and
  • Carton of Long life custard or a pkt of custard powder
Category 6:
1 pkt Savoury biscuits plus something savoury like a Pkt of KRAFT processed cheddar cheese (= not requiring refrigeration) or a cheese spread or Anchovy paste or a dip that does not require refrigeration;

Category 7:
Either 1 pkt Sweet Biscuits (or another treat, such as wrapped toffees)
(NO chocolates thanks as they melt in the summer heat while stored in the hamper.)
Or Something like a pkt of pieces of dried fruit /glace fruit or Trail Mix or a tin of pretzels or a tin of Pringles potato crisps.

Category 8:
Tetra pack of unsweetened Fruit juice or a small bottle of unsweetened cordial = that does not require refrigeration. (No large bottles of soft drink thanks.)
No alcohol thank you.
Pkt 50 Tea bags or a medium sized bottle of instant Coffee

Category 9:
OPTIONAL a Gift up to the value of $8. (Suggestion, a personal hygiene/body care item e.g. soap, roll-on deodorant, body lotion, shampoo, after shave lotion.) Not shavers or razors thank-you, unless they are electric and are a new product still in retailer’s sealed packaging.