Thank You to our Remarkable Teachers

This week and next we are saying thank you to our remarkable teachers at St Sebastian’s. We want to acknowledge the work that they have done over this year to ensure that students are receiving the best possible learning opportunities available. Earlier this year the effort put in to transferring to Alternate Education Provisions was tremendous and although the method and mode of teaching changed, our staff put in countless hours above their usual workload to make it happen.

In the words of our Executive Director, Pam Betts “extraordinary times call for an extraordinary response and I have seen it time and time again over the past six months. We are grateful for the amazing response from our staff, students and their parents as we have faced COVID-19”.

As a thank you to our staff BCE and Brisbane Teachers Union Health and NGS Super assisted to provide a lovely lunch for our teachers.

As a staff we are grateful for our students and parents. Without the energy and enthusiasm of the children, whose bright smiles greet us each day, we would not have purpose for our work. We could not succeed without the collaboration and support of our St Sebastian’s school community. Thank you.