Sydney Canberra Trip

‚ÄčOh what a week! With the obvious Canberra highlight of Questacon, it was great to hear how many enjoyed the National Library and the War Memorial (including being able to find family members and loved ones on the wall of remembrance). Of course the sharing room always creates excitements and the laughs were heard all over. Our students asked insightful questions and really showed their enthusiasm and engagement for politics when having the opportunity to vote and exploring new parliament house. As teachers, they did us and our school very proud- always ready to get up and go each morning and keep the energy up all day. In Sydney, some highlights included The Big Dig, The Barracks and exploring artefacts found from the era of our settlers. Of course the school camp food is always delicious and the hot chocolate was a welcome addition to Friday breakfast after a fire alarm kept us up a lot of Thursday night. After visiting Mary Mackillop place we were well and truly exhausted and ready for a sleep-in. With flash mobs, pizza parties and shower explosions the stories about the learning experiences from the trip are well paired with enjoying quality time with our friends.