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You may have seen articles and links to an online parent resource called schooltv this year. This is a new resource for St. Sebastian’s that we have been trialling. schooltv has a large range of topics available for parents to access as a support – we have now published the full range of topics for you to access and review at your own leisure. These topics range from anxiety, school refusal, positive parenting, mindfulness, sleep, cyberbullying, physical activity and exercise and lots more. We will continue to focus and share articles and information in our newsletter as topics of focus for our school community. 

To access schooltv through parent portal, click on the ‘schooltv’ hyperlink underneath the Links heading on the home page or click the following link:​

School Transitions

It is that time of the school year when we start planning and preparing for our prep to 5 students to move into a higher year and for our year 6 students to transition to secondary! While this is an exciting time, it can also be a time that creates uncertainty and stress in some of our students. While the start of term 1 next year marks this transition, it is an ongoing process that students can continue to struggle with long after they have started in their new class or school.

In this edition of schoolTV, parents will learn practical strategies to assist your child during the transition process and reduce stress and anxiety level.

For our students remaining at St. Sebastian’s or who are starting at another primary school, there are Interviews with leading specialists by their primary teaching panel regarding transitions in primary school, including ‘How can parents prepare their children for transitions’ and ‘Is transitioning from lower to upper a big leap for students?’.

At St. Sebastian’s we have a number of supports in place to support our children in their transitions including:

  • Teacher handover day – This gives teachers the opportunity to learn about their new students and how best to support them with their learning from the student’s current teacher!
  • Parents are able to meet their child’s new teacher at the Parent-Teacher evening in Week 3 of Term 1 next year. More information about the school year and what to expect will be provided then.

For our students who are leaving us to start their secondary school journey, there are some good articles on supporting students to start secondary school and survival skills for high school as well as specialist interviews for transitioning to high school by a secondary teaching panel. I know our year 6 teachers have been talking with and preparing our school leaders for their upcoming transition. To access this edition of schoolTV, click here newsletter/school-transitions