Graduation 2017

​Since 2010 a Year 6 (or 7) student has been awarded the Sam Vaughan Spirit Award. This award is in honour of Sam who attended St Sebastian’s until 2008. Sadly Sam passed away in 2009. Sam was an enthusiastic, friendly student who loved being involved in the many activities and events in our school. Sam treasured leading the cheering at the athletics and swimming carnivals and espoused the true spirit of attending a Josephite school. The  Vaughan family will present the ‘Sam Vaughan School Spirit Award’ to acknowledge a graduating student, who displays this loyalty and spirit in their school life. The student receiving the award will be chosen by their peers and the school staff. Thank you to the Vaughan Family for your generosity and support in presenting this valued award. Congratulations to Tahu a deserved recipient of this award.

Congratulations to all our amazing graduating Year 6 students, we wish them every success as they move to the next step of their formal education. We also thank them for the generous gift to the school of their year book and the Saint Mary MacKillop print.  

The Year 6 students have written this note for the Year 5 families…...

Dear Year 5 Parents and Students
We greatly appreciate your hard work and all the time you spent planning the celebration for our Graduation. It made it really special and will be remembered. Your help and support made us feel loved and cared for. The effort for the service was phenomenal and the night wouldn’t have been the same without your contribution! Everything was set our exquisitely and that made the celebration relaxing and it meant we were able to enjoy it to the fullest. Your kind gestures and warm smiles made the night complete. Thank-you for all the food that you provided on the night. It all tasted great and we know you put a lot of love into every dish. You have wonderful talents when it comes to cooking and we couldn’t of asked for anything more.
Kind regards, 2017 Year 6 graduating students