Parents and Friends - AGM

​​The Parents and Friends Association (P and F) is an integral part of a Catholic school community in the archdiocese and provides a formal structure for parents and others interested in the welfare of the students to plan and organise activities for the benefit of the school, and the ongoing development of students. At St Sebastian’s the P and F is active in their support for other parents, the teachers and staff and, of course our students. Each year they provide valuable resources that enhance the teaching and learning in our school. Resources like the yearly support of ICT materials (mainly laptops) for the students. This in turn allows the school to focus on adding extra teaching staff / time above our allotted schedule.

In particular our Parents and Friends Association:

  • provides an avenue of support and information to aid the involvement of parents/carers in their children’s education and the school community
  • promotes the development of collaboration between parents/carers and school staff
  • promotes the principles of Catholic education and a distinctive Christian community/environment in the school
  • provides an opportunity to participate in school community fund raising events.

The Parents and Friends Association represents the interests of the whole parent body at any school. The roles of the committee and the general running procedures is based on those devised by the Brisbane Archdiocesan Council of Parents and Friends Association (BACoPaFA) which represents the Catholic School Community Parent and Friends Association in south-east Queensland and functions within a constitution approved by the Archbishop.

Please stay and support your P and F representatives at the AGM’s election of positions for the 2019 P and F. This is held beside the tuckshop at 6:30pm. Each year all role holders step down; They may nominate for reelection and join other applicants for the position. Anyone from our school parent community may apply for the positions. Please see the Parent Portal for a description of the positions.

The staff and I look forward to sharing Friday evening with you at our P and F Welcome BBQ.