P and F Achievements

pandfnews.jpgClassroom Helpers - Each week dedicated parents contribute their time and efforts, helping teachers to enrich the student’s lessons.
Care and Concern: This role is designed to assist those in our community who are experiencing difficulty or in need of assistance. A number of home made meals were provided.
Chess Club - Organised and monitored by Marilena Tessarolo, this has proved to be a successful endeavour with 15 children regularly attending
Committee - Everyone is a member of our school P and F. We meet to address not only fundraising events, but also to liaise with the school and plan future improvements. Being part of the P and F provides camaraderie, purpose and contribution and we would encourage every parent to join our meetings.
Class Reps - We appreciate our wonderful parent volunteers who communicate important teacher messages, organise dinners and nights out, organise class participation in our main fundraising events, inform us about ways to participate in our school and generally keep us abreast of our class and our students.
Election - Our school community not only supported the two election BBQ events with their baking, but also with their time. These important fundraising opportunities cement our reputation in the community and raise our school’s profile.
Father’s Day - This year we had our very first Father’s Day Amazing Race. It was a hugely successful event and thanks to our president Nathan Groenhout for the execution of this occasion. The Father’s Day photos by SEED photography, captured the celebration of this important day.
Grants - We were awarded a grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund which has allowed us to start Phase 1 of landscaping  and  play design in the presbytery.
Grounds - Around $12,000 of our fundraising activities go towards the grounds maintenance. We are so lucky to have a beautiful green school.
Mother’s Day High Tea - With just under $10,000 raised in this event, not only was it successful in terms of monies raised. It was a wonderful community event.
Raffles - We have organised some amazing raffles this year. Our Art  and  Design Showcase raffle raised an enormous $4,400.
Sporting Program - Our three day a week athletics programs has proved to be so popular we have had to close class numbers.
Sponsorship - Without our community and dedicated parents sponsoring and seeking sponsorship, many of our events wouldn’t be possible.
Stalls - The coordination of the Mother’s and Father’s Day Stalls, with a great selection of gifts, was appreciated by all.
Tuckshop - A huge thank you to Kathryn for running and organising our tasty and healthy tuck shop. All our P and F helpers every week contribute to our tuckshop, not only in the running of it, but also in the home bake contributions.
Teacher Appreciation - One of the nicer roles of the P and F is to show thanks and appreciation for all the hard work our teachers do throughout the year.
Uniforms - A huge thank you to our uniform shop convenors for running and organising the shop. Our students always look smart and well-dressed when out of the school grounds.
Unsung Heroes - Acknowledging all parents and friend’s involvement this year in our school, we see and appreciate your efforts and although you may have not been specifically mentioned, your presence, your welcoming faces and community support have made our school a better place.
Website  and  Marketing - The P and F is excited to spread the positive word about our school. We now have a new P and F website to promote our school and provide information about our school events. Thank you to Ruth Lythall for her amazing work on this website.
Our marketing coordinator, Renee Wilson has created a comprehensive marketing and communications plan which has allowed us to maximise our exposure through local newspapers, magazines, social media and other advertising mediums.
Thank you to all of our parents and friends for their contributions in making our school a better place!