Music News

The children were very excited to recently welcome a Torres Strait Island group called Wyniss to St Sebastian’s. (Ask your children the meaning of the group’s name!)

St Sebastian’s is very fortunate to benefit from Musica Viva’s pursuit to bring live performances into schools. They also provide wonderful resources in which the children can prepare for the concert, becoming familiar with the songs, props and actions beforehand. This makes the performance a more entertaining and memorable form of learning. Some of the songs were embellished by props using a ‘cat’s cradle’ piece of string to create a spear for a fishing song, a firefly drawn by the students on a round piece of card which opened and closed in their hands, and spinning tops. Thank you to all staff for assisting in this.

They also were able to witness the use of many traditional TI instruments including the warup (large drum), kulap (shaker made from seeds), marap (like a castenet but larger and louder) and thrum (small drum).

Well done to the students for joining in and being so engaged.

Other musical activities on the horizon are:-

  • Choral Festival Choir 1st rehearsal on Wednesday 19th June (Yr 5/6)
  • Yr 5/6 Mini Musical – Jack and the Beanstalk (Date TBA)
  • David Lawrence Choral Workshop on Thursday 25th July
  • Choir performance at QCMF on Friday August 16th
  • Choral Festival 2nd rehearsal and Performance Tuesday 10th September (Yr 5/6)