Mandatory Training for Volunteers

It is imperative that all volunteers, including parents, who are working in the school and directly with children, complete the mandatory Student Protection and Code of Conduct training every year. In previous years we have supplied volunteers with a hard copy of the training and asked them to sign a confirmation indicating that they have read and agree to comply with the content within the manual.

This year BCE have consolidated the previous separate training resources and Codes of Conduct for Volunteers and Other Personnel into a single training module which is to be completed online. The “Volunteer and Other Personnel Student Protection and Code of Conduct Training” please click here access it via the BCE Public Website. Volunteers will need to undertake the training utilising the online resource. All volunteers will be required to submit a signed “Volunteer and Other Personnel Register Form” as evidence that the training requirements have been completed, this should be returned to the school office. This form is accessible on completion of the training. If you have completed this training via the hard copy book already this year, there is no need to complete again.

All volunteers and other personnel, e.g. visiting Speech Pathologists, Sporting Coaches, grandparents, etc., are required to hold a ‘Positive Issue Blue Card for Working with Children’. Parents of students at the school are exempt from this requirement.

Whilst some may find accessing the new training materials online an imposition, please remember that these mandatory requirements are in place solely for the safety and wellbeing of your children.