Learning at St Sebastian's

​​youcandoit.jpgPROGRAM ACHIEVE - 

As some of you may know St Sebastian’s incorporates You Can Do It – Program Achieve as a model to teach a variety of social-emotional skills to students. The lessons in the NEW Program Achieve and their content d​erive from a comprehensive framework that incorporates the latest research into the social and emotional characteristics of students and how they influence their positive and negative outcomes (e.g., achievement, relationships, wellbeing). This program equips our students with common language to support all students with their social skills and development. It also works in with our theme book “The Three Questions” and developing our growth mindset. It still uses the five social-emotional skills of; getting along, organisation, persistence, confidence and resilience as well as the positive attitudes and the potential outcomes these can deliver. If you wish to know more about this program, please see your classroom teacher.


Parent-teacher-student conferences offer a great opportunity to continue to build ​partnerships between teachers and parents.  Beginning of the year interviews allows teachers the opportunity to talk with parents about how your child is settling into school for the year. We have long known that working in collaboration with parents and families ensures the success of students. In Week 9 of this term (starting Monday March 25) we are offering parents the opportunity to come in and discuss, with your child and their Teacher, the learning and progress they are making.


In addition to this, each class will be hosting their celebration of learning after our gymnastics showcase in Week 10 on Tuesday 2 April at 9am. During this time you are welcome to come into our classes and participate in our collaborative learning whilst experiencing how the on how the classes work together. Whilst we enjoy and encourage parents to be involved in all school opportunities including in the classroom, these designated times provide a time for all to enjoy sharing their learning and knowledge with others.

Prue Durre, Primary Learning Leader (PLL)