Learning Goals & Dispositions

At our opening school year mass we shared our class covenants. These outline the learning dispositions students, in collaboration with their teachers, have decided is important to ensure a harmonious learning environment. Our learning dispositions are developed from reviewing our school rules, Respect for self, Respect for others and Respect for the environment as well as looking at our Program Achieve Habits of the Mind. Additionally, each child has developed individual learning goals where they have identified a need in their learning and the strategies they are going to utilise to support their learning. Goal setting is an important way students focus on their learning and activate a growth mindset which supports their progress in all areas of school life.

Independent learning goals are important as they ensure students become more active participants in their learning and they can identify what is important in their learning. Research into the motivation and efficiency of students who set their own learning goals and targets indicates that students have more confidence to take on more challenging tasks, regardless of their ability. Students tend to have higher success when working on goals set in collaboration with their teacher. The motivation to improve and master a task increases and their self-esteem remains strong as these are specific to each child