Kiss N' Go Zone

Reminder to parents that the Kiss n’ Go is a no parking zone. When we renamed the zone this year, our aim is to remind parents this is the area where you car can pull up, child disembarks from the car and when safe to do so, the car pulls out from the kerb. If you wish to park your car and walk into school, please park in other areas in the surrounding streets. It is imperative for child safety that this zone, indicated below by the yellow arrow, is kept clear of parked cars. You will note on Rome St North that this area is marked with a Loading Zone - 7am-9am and 2pm-4pm - 2minute standing sign at each end. We appreciate your co-operation with keeping this clear of parked cars and allowing for a smooth drop off/collection of your child each day.

It is also VERY HELPFUL for the teacher on duty in the afternoon in this zone to have your FAMILY name printed on a card and displayed on the passenger side sun visor. The Teacher will then have your child ready and waiting at the pick up bollards.

Thank you