ICT Competition Year 6

This year, the Year 6 class was short-listed and invited to submit their ICT project into the Young ICT Explorer’s Competition held at the University of Queensland, St. Lucia Campus. The students were competing against over three hundred other students from 41 different schools. The senior students of St. Sebastian’s submitted two projects, the 3D Interactive Lamps and the Community Garden Project.
The first entry, the 3-D Interactive Lamps, which were created and printed last year by the Year 5 and 6 students, were innovated upon and were given an interactive element by using Makey Makey and coding. The music room lamp now works as a real piano, where users can press the keys and the computer plays the notes pressed. The second lamp from the front office now has an emotions sensor that gauges visitors’ reactions to their St. Sebastian’s experience. This lamp also speaks to the visitor, sharing information about our school and its mission and values.
The second entry was based around our Community Garden. The Year 6 students surveyed the St. Sebastian’s community and identified three key issues concerning the use of our school garden. These issues were; accessibility for all community members, improving the educational aspect of the garden and how to better use the garden as a social tool to bring the community together. The Year 6 students worked through the design process and came up with three solutions, an Interactive Poster and Quiz about the produce and a Garden Counter. To create the Interactive Poster the students used Makey Makey and their knowledge of circuits to create buttons where the user of the poster can select the correct answer to the question about the garden. The question on the Interactive Poster is interchangeable and can be changed to reflect what is growing in the garden at that time.
The Garden Counter was created with the use of Makey Makey, Scratch and the students’ knowledge of circuits. The students designed two buttons that needed to be pressed simultaneously. When someone visited the garden they could press the buttons and their visit would be recorded on a counter. In the future this counter could be linked to the school portal, allowing for the whole community to monitor what was happening in the garden and therefore increase the social interaction with the gar-den among the St. Sebastian’s Community.
As a result of the students’ use of the design process, collaboration, resilience and persistence, the judges (all lecturers at the university) were amazed with what our students designed and created. Our senior students were awarded a Merit Award and greatly encouraged by the judges to continue their learning in ICT.
Well done to all our creative Year 5 and 6 students!