Father's Day Amazing Fun Run

We would like to clarify some points about the Father’s Day Amazing Fun Run. Whilst “Fun Run” is in the name of the event, the children won’t be completing a certain a fun run distance or doing laps of the Pres. There will be an inflatable obstacle course for them to enjoy. Along the way, before and after the obstacle course, will be parents with bottles of coloured powder squirting the students, this is the “Colour Run” component. It is ideal if students wear as much white as they can, but nothing you are worried about getting ruined. Pizza and drinks will be available for purchase to give the students and fathers sustenance. It might be a good idea to pack a towel (to sit on) or a spare set of clothes to transport them home in!

Students are sponsored for attending the day. Fundraising is done via the www.schoolfundraising.com.au​. Parents set up a fundraising page and promote to family and friends. Both online and cash sponsorship can be provided.

After the event, your child can choose a prize. There are different prizes depending on the range their fundraising total falls within. These items will be delivered to the school and distributed to the children a few weeks after the event.