Report Cards Available

Having now read every students Semester 1 report I am heartened by the wonderful effort being invested by our students resulting in great progress.

When reading your child’s report please also have a close look at your child’s attendance records included in each report. Most students at St Sebastian’s have been away for less than 5 days across the semester. If your child has been away for more than 5 days, please stop to consider why this might be the case. If your child has experienced significant health or family issues than obviously that is fine. However, please be aware that the odd day off, here and there, can quickly add up and before you know it your child has been away for several weeks. I firmly believe that one of the easiest ways to help children develop resilience is to get them to school, and on time, every day as regularly as possible.

Reports are now available. You can access them via the Parent Portal / My Students / Academic and also via BCE Connect App / My Students Tile / Academic tile. Remember to download and save the Student Reports on your home laptop/PC as only reports from the current and previous academic year can be viewed by parents on the Parent Portal. Please contact the office if you experience any difficulty accessing your child/ren’s report.​