Book Fair

Each year the school using Scholastic Book Club and Book fair to provide reading opportunities to our students. The book fair happens twice a year – our first second for this year is Wednesday 6 to Friday 8 November. Students will create their wish lists, return them to the parents for editing, receive money to purchase books and receive the book immediately.

Any payments online for the book fair, must be returned during the fair to ensure correct processing. Please do not order or return payment for a book AFTER the fair, as I cannot guarantee the book will be in stock.

Last year the school raised over $3,000 to be spent by the teachers adding to our library and school resources. We appreciate your support with the Book Fair and Book Club and all proceeds go directly back into the school. Up to 40% of money spent on each book goes back to the school.

Scholastic Book Club and Book Fairs are completely run by school volunteers. If you would like to assist, please let me know.

Any questions or orders, please feel free to contact Ruth Lythall.