Art and Design Showcase

Tickets to St Sebastian's premier event - the Art & Design Showcase are due to go on sale in a few weeks. The team has brought together an amazing collection of art and design pieces and planning for this incredible event is well underway.

Check out our new St Sebastian’s Events Facebook page, where we will share exclusive profiles of our artists and designers.

If you haven't already, save the date of Saturday 15 September in your diar​y and lock in your babysitter now!

Keep in mind the pre-sale event, where you can mingle with the artists and designers whilst enjoying champagne and nibbles -plus you can be the first to access the collection that will be on sale over the weekend.

A fun range of activities are also planned for Sunday 16 September - bring the kids along so they can view the art and take part in some crafty fun. We will have food trucks on site, so you can enjoy an easy lunch and relaxing day with the kids. Find out more here:

or contact the Art and Design Showcase team via email at