Active School Travel


This year, St Sebastian’s has been selected as one of 17 new schools joining Brisbane City Council’s Active School Travel (AST) program. Over the next three years, our school will receive a range of free resources, tools and incursions to enable active travel to and from school. Active Travel promotes clean and green, active and healthy school travel modes such as walking, cycling, carpooling and public transport. By leaving your car at home, at least one day a week on our active travel day, we can reduce traffic congestion at the school gate, improve road safety, create a cleaner environment, save money and improve our health and fitness. All students  are encouraged to actively travel to school - walk, scooter, ride or carpool. A survey will be taken each Wednesday by teachers and provided to the Council. Each fortnight a certificate will be awarded to the class with the best Active School Travel result. The class winners of our Wednesday surveys are announced at Assembly and every fortnight a Star Class certificate will be awarded to a class that has been outstanding in their active travel to school.  

Further information regarding the Council’s program can be found at: 

Walk - Leave the car at home and walk your kids to school. If you live too far away, drive part 
of the way and walk the rest. We call that “Park and Stride”.
Carpool - Find a friend and carpool to school. It’s an easy way to save money and time. Talk to other parents in your child’s class or street to see who is going your way.
Cycle - Ride with your children to school. It’s legal to ride on the footpath and remember to always have your helmet secured.